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inspirED Case Studies
North Haven High School

When the results of their school climate assessment indicated that students in the school wanted more of a voice, they adopted inspirED and held a conference on diversity and emotional intelligence, using many of the activities featured on the inspirED site, for 19 other high schools.

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Diamond Bar High Wellness Center

A team of students at the Diamond Bar High School Wellness Center began a peer counseling group in an effort to lower rates of anxiety and depression among the students. At the Wellness Fair, the team launched the initiative and recruited students to serve on the team dedicated to shifting school culture.

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Frederick Douglass High School

re:imagine/COMMUNITY is an after-school program that empowers youth to be the visual storytellers and changemakers in their community. Through the support of mentors and hands-on learning through filmmaking, students connect with their individual voice, a voice that can inform others of their struggles and help build a wave of change through education and empathy.

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Westbrook High School

The inspirED Team at Westbrook High School wanted to make their school community feel more connected and supported. They surveyed their school climate, built mini-projects around connection and support, and held an Awareness Day featuring workshops on the topics their peers listed as the most important.

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Northwest Regional District 7

Northwest Regional District 7 created school-wide projects to spread kindness throughout the community, based on the idea of a ripple effect of kind acts.

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Alpha Public Schools

At Alpha Public Schools, inspirED team members took initiative to change their faculty-student relations and improve the school’s emotional climate by presenting in staff meetings.

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Brewster Academy

The Brewster inspirED Team had a vision for a more passionate, purposeful school community. They designed their own inspirED activities for all students, so that freshmen through seniors have the opportunity to connect based on shared interests and experiences.

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NYC Lab School

The inspirED Team at NYC Lab set a goal of promoting cultural competency at their school. They surveyed their school climate and with the results, created a school-wide celebration of diversity to address the issues that were most important to the members of their school community.

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Starter Project Ideas
Public Narrative

This project seeks to help your team use the ideas from Marshall Ganz’s concept of Public Narrative and the “Self, Us, Now” structure to create and tell your own stories.

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YouTube Channel

This project is designed to help everyone in the school feel more contented and balanced through sharing videos.

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Comfortable School Redesign

This project is meant to help your team create and lead a plan to make your school environment, or one area or aspect of it, more comfortable and inviting.

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Teen Night

This project seeks to give students in your school a time and space in which to share their own creative work as well as experience and engage with the work of others.

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