Safe & Comfortable

When we feel safe, we feel secure, with few fears or doubts. When we feel comfortable, we feel pleasant and relaxed. These feelings help us to feel more confident to express ourselves, including our genuine thoughts and beliefs. When students feel safe and comfortable, they are more engaged, take more risks in earning, and express themselves more freely.


Our Safe Classroom
Students describe in writing both a place that makes them feel safe and a place that makes them feel unsafe. In small groups, students brainstorm what makes them feel safe physically, emotionally, and intellectually. As a class, students create a list of specific actions they can take to help themselves and each other to feel safe.
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What is Safe?
Students reflect silently on their personal definitions of the word “safe.” In small groups, they discuss their personal definitions and work together in small groups to create a “vision of safe” that establishes what feeling safe means to them. Students work together as a class to combine small-group visions into a larger vision of safe for the class.
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My Shield
Students will be able to reflect on and discuss how focusing on the strengths and successes of each individual in the classroom can help everyone to feel more safe and comfortable, identify the strengths and successes of their classmates, and contribute to a discussion about the strengths of all students in the classroom.
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Cross the Line
Students identify times when they have felt certain pleasant and unpleasant emotions and silently share that they have had these experiences by stepping over a line when they are asked if they have felt that way. Students write about one particular emotional experience and share with a partner. As a class, students reflect on the activity and how easy or difficult it is to admit to feeling certain ways in front of their peers.
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