Passion & Purpose

Feeling passionate is about being driven by strong emotions or beliefs. Feeling purposeful is believing what we do is meaningful and has a clear aim. People who report living passionately and with purpose tend to recover more easily from stress and trauma. They also tend to perform better in and out of school and are less depressed and healthier.


Chalk Circles
Students organize themselves into groups (within a large chalk circle) based on goals related to their interests and passions. They work toward identifying a specific goal related to their interests/passions and then create an action plan for achieving that goal.
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Meaningful Photos
Students take photographs of people, places, and objects in their lives that are meaningful to them. They assemble these photographs into a collage and write a brief description of each photo and why the subject of the photograph is meaningful to them.
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The Power of Purpose: Finding Your Vision (2 of 2)
Students continue work on their vision boards from The Power of Purpose Part 1 lesson. Then, they prepare a two-minute presentation of their vision boards. Students work in pairs to present the ideas illustrated on their vision boards and exchange feedback on each other’s presentations.
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The Power of Purpose: Finding Your Vision (1 of 2)
Students reflect on the question, “What is purpose?” Then, they watch video clips on or read stories about real-life examples of people who have demonstrated a sense of purpose in their actions. Students reflect on how these stories connect to their own sense of purpose. Then, they begin the process of creating vision boards to illustrate ideas they have about their own purpose.
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Students create “passion collages” to reflect their passions in each of three areas: academics, career, and relationships. Then, they write one SMART goal for each area and share their collage and at least one goal with the class.
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