Inspired & Empowered

Feeling inspired is being affected powerfully in a way that motivates us. Feeling empowered is feeling capable of doing well. When students feel inspired, they pursue more innovative endeavors, perform better, and experience greater life satisfaction. Students who feel empowered feel more competent and motivated to work and find more meaning in school.


Inspiration Roadmap
Students reflect on their personal definition of inspiration. They each answer a series of questions related to whom and what inspires them on paper posted throughout the classroom. Students then create a personal “inspiration roadmap,” with pictures and words of ideas, objects, people, and places that inspire them.
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What is Inspired?
Students reflect silently on their personal definitions of the word “inspired.” In small groups, they discuss their personal definitions and work together in small groups to create an “inspired vision” that establishes what being inspired and inspiring mean to them. Students work together as a class to combine small-group visions into a larger inspired vision for the class.
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Body Language Power
Students first watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk entitled Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. Then, they discuss the impact of posture on physiology, power dynamics, and mindset. In pairs, students act out a scenario twice, once using empowering body language and once using disempowering body language. Finally, they reflect on how acting out the scenario differed depending on their body language and how what they learned about the power of body language can be applied to their lives in and out of school.
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Stories of Empowerment (2 of 2)
This is day 2 of a two-day cycle. Today, they will mimic Murray’s style of combining two stories, their own speech and their friend’s speech to create their own “TED Talk”.
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Stories of Empowerment (1 of 2)
In this two-part lesson, students first watch Liz Murray’s TED talk entitled "For the Love of Possibility". Then, they think of a time when they felt empowered and craft a story related to that experience. Students share their stories with a partner. In part two of this lesson, students combine their own story with the story of their partner to create a brief “TED Talk” similar to the one by Liz Murray, which combines two stories to form an engaging and inspiring message.
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