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inspirED is a program designed to engage and empower students to work together to create more inclusive, safe and connected schools and communities. Learn more about our free resources, school activities and projects, student-led school climate change and how to bring this to life in your school.

High school students say they feel tired, bored, or stressed 75% of the time they are in school


88% of students say they want to feel happy, excited and energized

inspirED exists to bridge this gap by encouraging youth voice to create positive change

Our Process

By engaging with inspirED, teams across the nation are empowered to change the way that students and teachers feel in school everyday. Through the inspirED Process, teams Assess school climate, Brainstorm ideas, Commit to a plan and implement, and Debrief successes and impact!

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How do we feel in school?
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How do we get closer to how we want to feel in school?
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How do we bring our project to life?
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What was our impact?


Get inspirED

At inspirED, we are building a future where students are empowered to take action in their schools and communities. The inspirED movement sends a clear message: students have the power to create positive change! Learn more about school climate, available assessment tools and how this work can lead to greater school quality, teacher satisfaction and student success.
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