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inspirED is a resource center designed by teens, educators and SEL experts to empower high schools to create a positive school climate and greater well being for young people.

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High school students say they feel tired, bored, or stressed 75% of the time they are in school


88% of students say they want to feel happy, excited and energized

This website was created to bridge the gap between how high school students feel and how they want to feel

The inspirED Approach

inspirED was born out of a partnership between Facebook and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence with the goal of bringing social and emotional learning (SEL) and greater wellbeing to high school students across the nation. The inspirED site provides SEL resources, tools and a 5-step process to empower students and educators to work together to create positive change in their schools and themselves.

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  • Assess

    inspirED School Climate Assessment

  • Evaluate

    School Report

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    School Starter Kit

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    Activities and Resources

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    Best Practice Sharing



School Climate Assessment

Find out how the students and educators in your school feel. We're launching a publicly available School Climate Assessment developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Sign up now to receive more information and to participate in our early release.


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